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Background Marck Haerkens

Marck Haerkens - Wings of CareMarck Haerkens, MD PhD

founder / CEO Wings of Care

As a Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) pilot-physician Marck gained operational expertise in both Clinical and Deployment Medicine and Military Aviation. The combined experience allowed him to appreciate the parallels between the hospital world and the aviation community. In may 2009 he retired from the RNLAF as a Colonel, remaining a RNLAF reserve officer. Since then, Marck's mission with Wings of Care is to further enhance safety and efficiency of clinical patient care and raise Human Factors awareness. Marck has been awarded the General Snijders Honours' Diploma for his combined work in Aviation and Medicine in 2009.

In 2017 Marck succesfully defended his PhD thesis "Human Factors and Team Performance" at Radboud University Nijmegen, NL.



  • As an deployment experienced military Trauma Surgeon and Helicopter Emergency Services (HEMS)-Doctor in University and Teaching hospitals he has hands-on experience in clinical health care on a consultant level.
  • After gaining his Military Pilot Wings he earned type ratings on the Bolkow Bo-105cb and AH-64D Apache helicopters.
  • In civilian life Marck holds a current Commercial Helicopter Pilots Licence (CPL-H).
  • Marck is an experienced lecturer, trainer and executive coach.

Marck is a member of Netherlands Society of Aerospace Medicine (NVvLG)Aerospace Medical Association (ASMA)International Association of Military Flight Surgeon Pilots (IAMFSP)Netherlands Surgical Society (NVvH) and Dutch Trauma Society (NVT).